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Love at first sight

Posted on: January 26, 2011

You know when you see someone and you know right from that moment that person is going to be amazingly special in your life? Well, it happened to me 2 months after I came back to Argentina. It was my first job here after being away for almost ten glorious years and there he was. While we did the training the new team was a bit shy, just doing the formal introductions. He was sitting in a very careless way opposite me and then he spoke in a very modulated Aussie accent that caught my ear immediately. I can’t say exactly how we got to talk to each other but from then on the energy flowing back and forth was there.
Love at first sight, as he put it, indeed.
And now, my love at first sight is leaving on a new adventure and I want to wish him all the happiness and luck in the world because he deserves it, because he has worked hard for it, because he is a sunshine, because I love him dearly.
I cannot wait to see you again, honey.
Be safe.
Be happy.
I will miss you every day.


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