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I think I’m falling in love… with the wrong person… again

Posted on: February 7, 2011

Once the unexpected cascade of falling in love starts, is there a way to stop it? If there is, please, let me know it because I have the feeling I’m falling in love again with the wrong person. I don’t want to really think about it because if I do, then it becomes real and it’s there all the time, in my face. But I feel it is creeping all the way to surface and I’m so afraid to do this love thing again. Because I know it’s the wrong person. It has trouble written all over it. Maybe I am a sucker for trouble and that is why I keep falling for these guys. You know, the troublesome guys. Maybe I’m a magnet for trouble! Or maybe (and this is the version I have come to believe) I do still believe in the fairy tale: the one in which the troublesome guy leaves his ways and loves me until the end of time. Yes, I think that’s it. But how I stop it now? How do I put an end to it when I’m not even allowing myself to accept it has started, that it is there? I’m a bit love sick right now so I’m gonna add a picture to this post because the guys in the photo look so happy and so in love. It’s from this (very) young Aussie photographer Genevieve, which I really like because she is talented and fresh.

Via From Genevieve


1 Response to "I think I’m falling in love… with the wrong person… again"

I feel your pain…I feel like the same thing is happening to me. I’ve tried not to think about it, I’ve tried denying it is happening but it’s gaining momentum all on its own. I’m scared I’m becoming obvious for all to see.

As for hoping that he’ll change his bad boy ways? I op don’t know about that. I’ve wasted so much time on guys who seemed to have potential, I think you get to a point in your life where you need to stop taking someone who’s almost there and wait for someone who is already there?

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