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Wax museum

Posted on: April 17, 2011

In my last year at grad school, I’m having very, mmm, old teachers. For starters if I add up the amount of years between the 3 teaching the OB-GYN classes, I will probably come around something over the 300s… So I decided to call them “the wax museum”… they are practically mummies!!! Not that I have something against mummies or old people but I believe that if we are going to turn out to be good pros, then , the least they can give us is teachers who are still working the field… Instead of that, they gave us a teacher who hasn’t been working a shift in more than 15 years because he decided to go all theorical…
In my opinion, the best classes we have are the ones taught by doctors (Rodrigo, Mariela, Horacio and Luciano) and I bet I could get in serious trouble if I say that out loud. Too bad, because that is what I really think so and most of my classmates do so as well…


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