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This is a shot I took last year when the Parana river had flooded parts of the province of Entre Rios in Argentina. Nowadays the water is high again but not as higher as last year. It still getting higher so I don’t know if it’s going to be as bad as it was or even worse.

If you are interested in buying a print, let me know!


So… 2 days after… here’s Photo Wednesday!! Sorry!
This is one of mine! Probably one of my faves, taken at the New York aquarium in Coney Island. Enjoy it!

Here’s a shot that one of my friends en NYC took. It is quite an ordinary shot but very sweet.

Photo by Naty Casas

Via Kiss the Groom

One of my fave actresses, Rose Byrne, from the British magazine Escape.

Here, in the English issue of GQ.

This one is from the American Vanity Fair magazine.

… and last but not least (for this post) is the Aussie Vogue. I have to say that the Aussie mags always have the best articles and pix on Rose. It’s probably because she is from Tinseltown.

More to come soon… maybe this afternoon, evening or tomorrow…


Cup of coffee in hand, helping its best to keep my eyes open, I decided that Miercoles de amor doesn’t really have to be all about men-women love but all kinds of love… love in all its expressions, in all its facets… in all it’s glory… (maybe because I’m going through a really tough time with m/f love right now, maybe because love is universal…)

Photos via Kiss the Groom

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