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Here’s a shot that one of my friends en NYC took. It is quite an ordinary shot but very sweet.

Photo by Naty Casas

I can’t do it for now. I feel like a hypocrite posting these posts when right now I am not believing in love at all. Bigger question is, did I ever do so? Will I ever do so?… I’m sorry guys, right now I’m not a believer and to be honest, posting all these sweet images just makes me long even more for something I haven’t been able to have so far… So, I’m changing ways and I’m making Wednesday the day of photography since it is something I really love and believe in! 🙂

So, I think I have finally found the down I would very much like to wear if I ever get married: Kate Middleton’s dress. It was classic but elegant and dreamy.
Simplicity is elegance.

Via Kiss the Groom


One of my fave actresses, Rose Byrne, from the British magazine Escape.

Here, in the English issue of GQ.

This one is from the American Vanity Fair magazine.

… and last but not least (for this post) is the Aussie Vogue. I have to say that the Aussie mags always have the best articles and pix on Rose. It’s probably because she is from Tinseltown.

More to come soon… maybe this afternoon, evening or tomorrow…


Couldn’t let this go unnoticed! We are talking about Kevin Richardson, for goodness sake! He is one of the few men who can’t go unnoticed…

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