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This is a shot I took last year when the Parana river had flooded parts of the province of Entre Rios in Argentina. Nowadays the water is high again but not as higher as last year. It still getting higher so I don’t know if it’s going to be as bad as it was or even worse.

If you are interested in buying a print, let me know!


So… 2 days after… here’s Photo Wednesday!! Sorry!
This is one of mine! Probably one of my faves, taken at the New York aquarium in Coney Island. Enjoy it!

Here’s a shot that one of my friends en NYC took. It is quite an ordinary shot but very sweet.

Photo by Naty Casas

Snow falling on very colorful North Carolina coastal houses. As soon as I find out the name of the photog, I’ll link it back.

The many statues at the MET, being my faves the ones at the Roman-Greek wing. This photographer by the name of Jamie captured some of the most lovely images there. I wish I could be there right now so I could lost myself in the marble world of frozen expressions and eternal beauty.

Photos via From Me To You

Yeah, boy trouble again. I’m being ignored and I kNOW he’s avoiding me. Been extra blue for the past couple of days. You noticed I didn’t blog. That means I spent my days expecting him to be online to talk to him and say at least, hey!.
My friend sent me a couple of videos last night. Luna is in them and that warmed my heart. She seems to be doing better now. Not out of the woods, but better. I’m in love with her by now.

It’s a lovely place for a nice vacation. You only need to be lucky and find it not full with tourists! 🙂

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